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water street


We can't wait for you to explore the arts of our community with us.

Contratopia and Justin Scradina join together to create an unforgettably delicious evening.

The Fellas meet their match with "Bellas: The Sirens of Song" this fall before the Fellas take the stage this winter.

And we'll go on a child's exploration with Kristen Underwood and Pablo Gomez Estevez.


We are SOLD OUT of seats for both performances tonight.
But we will have standing room available, and would love to fit you in. Please stop by and join us tonight. 

Join Jennaya Robison and her troop of divas as they take to the stage in "Sirens of Song" - a musical review of popular and Broadway music from women through the ages. 


Genevieve Kalland
Miranda Poncelet
Linnea Kephart
C.J. Heck
Elena Zarecky
Lianna Stewart
Emma Deihl
Kirsten Elstad
Aidan Spencer
Meredith Diebold

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Saturday, November 5
7 & 9 p.m.
T-Bock's Upstairs


Andrew Last and his gang of Fellas are at it again with a whole new lineup of new musical theatre.


For the third time, the Fellas will literally make you laugh until you cry and suddenly have you actually crying with their stories.


It's Fellas: The Stories We Tell, back for a third its third-annual night of musical-theater joy.


For tickets, just click below: 

Saturday, February 25
7 & 9 p.m.
T-Bock's Upstairs

Fellas - 7 PM - Student Ticket
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Fellas - 9 PM - Student Ticket
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Fellas - 9 PM - Regular Ticket
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A world premier of an incredible journey.

Join us for the premier of an exciting new work by composer and pianist Pablo Gómez-Estévez in collaboration with actor/director Kristen Underwood.

Created to accompany the composer's original children's book, "Lulito", this performance will transport you to the imaginative realm of the child in all of us through music, image, and spoken word.

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Thursday, March 31
7 p.m.


When you’re a part of the audience at a Water Street Music Series concert, you feel like you’ve arrived home--to a home filled with musicians and dozens of people. 

It’s intimate. It’s friendly. It’s inviting.

We are experience creators -- and the events we create aim to feel wonderfully, simply Decorah. We strive to create and sustain a collaborative, innovative artistic presence that connects Luther College and the regional community of Decorah.

We love big, crazy ideas. That’s how Water Street Music Series began, and that sort of entrepreneurial energy continues to drive everything we do.

As we enter this fifth season, we are proud to be strengthening our commitment to providing uncommon opportunities for current Luther students, lifting them up as entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders. We're proud to collaborate with Oneota Community Food Co-op, ArtHaus, Luther College, T-Bock's and the City of Decorah.

Join us. We can’t wait for you to see what's in store for you in Season 5.